We are proud to offer our clients fresh cut services.  This unique service sets us apart from other food suppliers and makes us a specialty foods distribution. We don’t just deliver products you ordered with fast delivery we source the best and freshest produce—and then customize them according to your unique business needs. The freshness and our high-quality products testify for themselves and as a result, our customers are happy with our product quality. Our strict quality assurance process (which are very rigorous) is held to FDA standards. Customer satisfaction is key for us.

If you need your products specifically prepared to meet your needs then we got you covered. Need your zucchini or carrots cut a unique and special way?  Do you need all your greens (green onions, parsley, cilantro, dill, radishes, etc…) washed and prepared in a particular way? We have a broad range of beautiful cuts for you to choose from.  The fresh cut service gives you the option to save a lot of time and receive products prepared and cut just the way you need it. This is especially important if you need to save time for your busy staff members.  Utilizing our specialized fresh cuts service allows busy restaurant owners, kitchen managers pressured for time, and their busy staff members for more time to focus on running their business rather than spending all that time spent on prep time, washing, cleaning, trimming and cutting. Our unique full line of fresh cuts yields usable products while reducing enormous amounts of waste.  We eliminate your prep time and improve profitability for your business. We offer a large variety of conveniently beautifully packaged fresh-cut fruits and vegetables that make healthy and delicious snacks, party trays, cooking ingredients and much more.

Why choose Fresh Cuts?

There are many reasons why a business might choose to go with fresh cuts as an option. Convenience. Maximizing time.  Storage Space

Supermarkets may want to have ready-made cut up fruit and vegetables for clients in their grab and go section.  Beautifully displayed cut up fruit and vegetables make it an easy option for your clients to buy fruits or vegetables on the go as delicious snacks.  It’s a great way to serve your clients, maximize your staff’s time, and increase your company’s revenue.

Another reason to purchase fresh cut up vegetables is that many people nowadays have busy and active lifestyles but they do not want to compromise their healthy lifestyles. Having cut up vegetables ready gives them an option to prepare healthy dinners and lunches without the prep time. All they need is to combine a few ingredients together and they have a healthy and hearty meal at their disposal.

Peeled Diced fruits vegetables wholesale nyc

Hotels, restaurants,  catering companies, and commercial kitchens also rely on ready-made cut up fruits and vegetables. The food industry is based on the principles of serving clients with quality products. Because time is money cutting out prep time from your staff’s schedule frees up time to tackle other issues that may arise.  Therefore the speed of service should never be taken lightly in the streamlining process of your business. 

Most food service companies will opt to save time. Ordering beautifully displayed cut up fruits and vegetables make it an easy option for either healthy dessert options or other items. It also cuts down ton the cooking time—with fresh cut up vegetables preparing delicious healthy and unique meals is faster and easier. Having cut up vegetables ready at your disposal gives your business flexibility and convenience. 

Your staff will only need to do combine a few ingredients together and begin serving their hungry clientele. You can receive items cut up in the most simple and traditional designs or order our special cuts such for Tourneau sweet potatoes, pineapples, zesty radishes or other root vegetables for example for more sumptuous and lavish presentations to meet your specific needs and personal tastes.  


Receiving fresh cut vegetables or a fruit that’s been already prepped, washes, trimmed, cut and peeled has another main advantage.  If space is a major concern for your business then this option allows you for to have a lot more space in your kitchen or cafeteria.

Solving the Storage Challenge

Storage spaces in urban areas are a premium and our clientele is often faced with the challenge of how much food to buy and where to store it.  Z-A Specialty Foods fresh cuts can help address part of the issues you may come across with daily deliveries of ‘just-in-time’ inventory. Whether it’s 10 pounds of peeled carrots or 500 pounds of diced onions, we can happily fulfill your order daily.  Our fresh cuts are cleaned, prepped, and cut from the same top-quality produce we stock every day in our warehouse, processed and then packaged under maximum safety standards in our accredited facility in the Bronx. 

Z-A Specialty Foods fresh cuts for retailers utilize our direct store delivery service, which reduces the delivery time and extends the shelf life of our products.  This will enable your business—be it a retailer or wholesaler to maximize the marketability for such products. 

Wholesale fresh cuts fruits and vegetables have a major advantage for your business and they are available in both Kosher and Non Kosher forms.


Kosher items have specific laws, restrictions and regulations to abide by and we are able to meet those specifications.  We are familiar with all of the kosher certifications and are happy to provide you with fresh cuts services for your business.


Non-Kosher fresh cuts fruits or vegetables are also regulated by the highest standards that are reputable and regulated, and by the SQF (SQF stands for Safe Quality Food) Level certified government program ensuring Z-A Food Specialty to only accept the highest quality foods.  We always keep our products in an optimal state of freshness during its minimal stay in our state of the art warehouses in the Bronx.

As the fresh-cut produce market continues to grow in the US and be one of the fastest-growing categories in the fresh produce segment, largely due to changes in consumer trends which favor healthy food and the convenience of packaged ready-to-eat foods it is important for us at Z-A Specialty Foods to stay on trend.  We are the market leader in branded fresh cuts fruit and the leading supplier of fresh cut vegetables for the convenience of your business in New York City and the surrounding area. 

We serve the five boroughs of New York: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, and also New Jersey, Connecticut, and Philadelphia.  Our fresh cut fruit products include a wide range of products that are both commonly used in the kitchen and those that are more unique and exotic. We provide fresh cuts of the sweetest pineapples, delicious melons, sweet and healthy grapes, a variety of citrus fruits, crispy apples, juicy mangos, exotic kiwis and many other fruit items.

The fruit we use in our fresh cut operations are sourced within our integrated system of company and only from GAP-certified (good agricultural practices) independent growers. We also offer fresh, delicious crisp cut vegetables that are ready to use for prepared healthy salads.

wholesale Fresh cuts distributor nyc
Z-A Specialty Foods delivers the highest quality of fresh-cut products within 12 hours of your order.  

We provide fast delivery to our clients and are proud to offer the following service to our clients:

  • On time and fast delivery  
  • We ensure great quality from our local and international farms
  • Innovative and beautiful packaging that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye particularly for fresh cuts
  • We do not add additives or preservatives to our fresh produce so that your consumers get all the value, vitamins and nutrients in the fruits or vegetables’ natural state
  • Produce prepared and packaged in our own facilities
  • We have state-of-the-art processing equipment
  • Operating under strict food-safety regulations and quality management systems for both kosher and no kosher sectors

Our Z-A Specialty Foods “Late Orders Policy” applies to fresh cuts services as well.  This policy allows you to place the order until 11 PM EST giving our customers the advantage to ordering quantities they need last minute and guaranteeing constant freshness all year round.  

We sell in bulk with fast delivery within 12 hours. We practice the best services in the industry and never say no to our clients. Contact us today for any questions or concerns you may have. Email us at or call us at (800) 728-7212.  We are only a phone call away, fill out your application now.