Peeled, Diced Fruits & Vegetables Wholesale in NYC

Why Buying Peeled and Diced Fruits and Vegetables Wholesale in NYC Can Save You Time and Money

One of the biggest challenges in catering is sourcing and preparing high quality, fresh fruits and vegetables. These goods can be time-consuming to prepare, and making sure that you have a steady stream of deliveries of fresh goods can be one of the trickier parts of managing the supply chain. That is why it’s easier to just buy peeled and diced fruits and vegetables wholesale to save you a lot of time and money.

Reduce Prep Time With Pre-Peeled and Diced Goods

One useful solution is to choose a supplier that offers pre-peeled, sliced and diced fruits and vegetables wholesale, so all you need to do is steam or boil them, or add them to your soups, pizza toppings, pies or other recipes. 

Choosing our peeled and diced fruits and vegetables wholesale package could be the solution to your kitchen needs. Getting your chosen ingredients delivered fresh and ready to use frees up the time of your kitchen hands and chefs so they can focus on the other details of preparing the food.

Peeled Diced fruits vegetables wholesale nyc

Quality, Organic Goods to Meet Your Specifications

Every kitchen or catering company has its own needs and preferences. At Z-A Specialty Foods in NYC, buyers have a choice of organic and non-organic produce to suit a range of budgets, with seasonal produce from a range of suppliers worldwide.

Buying peeled and diced fruits and vegetables wholesale can save you both time and money and ensures that your customers get the best fresh produce on their plate every time.

Regular Deliveries or Emergency Goods?

Have you ever been caught in a sticky situation? Perhaps shipping delays, strikes, or a crisis at your main supplier has left you with a huge unfulfilled order. Your customers will still want their usual food, but with today’s just-in-time supply lines it doesn’t take much to cause a huge disruption for your business.

Why not take advantage of Z-A Specialty Foods’s emergency delivery service? The cut-off time for regular orders is 11 PM EST, and the emergency delivery option allows for deliveries at any time of the day, even outside normal working hours. This is so your supply crisis does not have to mean that numerous dishes will need to be taken off your menu.


No Order too Large or too Small

Whether you are a hotel looking to keep your menu fresh and varied, a school that wants to provide its students with the freshest foods for a healthy diet, or a restaurant looking for a reliable supplier, choosing pre-prepared fruits and vegetables makes sense.

You can find a large selection of peeled and diced fruits and vegetables wholesale. Why not call Z-A Specialty Foods for a quote for your restaurant, bar, or catering needs.

Z-A Produce has a huge list of clients including hospitals, retailers, cafes, office canteens, schools, restaurants and more. Some of the biggest companies and most trusted names in catering entrust their fresh produce orders to Z-A Produce, and once you’ve seen the quality you will understand why.

Many clients request kosher items, and this is not a problem for Z-A Produce. Many of the items are certified Kosher under the SQF safe foods certification. All produce is fresh from local farms, preservative-free, and of the highest quality.

While not all fruits and vegetables can be grown locally in New York Farms, many products are, and those that are brought in from further away are still farm-fresh. Since deliveries are guaranteed within 12 hours, this means that you can be confident that the food you buy is as fresh as can be, ready to be served up to your customers.

When you don’t have to worry about preparation yourself, and can focus on the fun and interesting parts of the recipe, you can serve more dishes, enjoy greater variety, and save on time and stress too. Your chefs will love having more freedom to work on the more interesting parts of their job.

Commitment to Quality

If you serve food, it’s likely that you’re passionate about it, and that you want your customers to feel confident that the food they order is fresh, prepared safely, and will be good for them. You care about your customers and your reputation.

It’s important that when you purchase ingredients, whether it is produce, meat, herbs and spices, sauces, or other goods, that you feel confident you will get something that you can serve to your customers with pride. 

Sourcing fruit and vegetables directly from farms is a time-consuming task. Washing, peeling, slicing and dicing them is something that would require a dedicated kitchen employee. Why invest in extra storage, preparation space, tools and manpower when you can get someone else to do that job for you?

The quality control and the food handling at Z-A Produce is second to none. Why not place an order today and see how much more convenient it is to have someone else handle your fresh goods for you?

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Contact Z-A Produce today at (800) 728-7212 to see first-hand how a wholesale fruit and veg supplier could revolutionize your kitchen.

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