ABOUT Z-A Specialty Foods distributor in New York

Z-A Specialty Foods is a wholesale specialty foods distributor based in the Bronx, New York.  We provide our services to all the five boroughs in New York: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx.  We also provide services in Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Philadelphia. We serve a wide range of businesses ranging from supermarkets, schools, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, commercial kitchens, and private catering companies.

Why should you choose us?


It's simple, we are a reputable food distribution company that you can trust wholeheartedly to deliver what you need when you need it.  We are one of the most reputable produce suppliers in New York City. Our extensive stock consists of freshly plucked organic fruits and vegetables from local farms located in various regions of the United States and across the world.  Our access to a wide range of local and international farms allows us to choose only the crème de la crème of products.

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Our produce is always garden-fresh, firm and crisp.  We have a variety of produce that is locally grown and ingredients are always preservative free. Our fresh produce is supplied by farms we trust and products are hand-grown by experienced farmers. We are known in the industry to be one of the most reputable produce suppliers in New York and our stock consists of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Precise Delivery.

We deliver on time all the time. We make sure you receive fresh and the best quality products delivered directly to your doorstep.  We realize that time is money and therefore we deliver your items promptly on schedule. We take pride in our fast delivery and deliver within 12 hours of your placed order. Customer satisfaction is key for us.



We take your orders until 11:00 PM EST in the evening and you get your order with all your requested products the next day.  Our business is built around your needs and to serve you so that you can meet your specific goals.



We are proud to serve and support outstanding local farms and businesses. The quality and range of fresh produce and the services we offer are unlimited.   We provide fresh produce, organic, local, fresh cut and rare products that are hard to find. We outsource our products and transport your products with fast delivery—right to your doorsteps.  We know that quality, safety and time matter to you.



The freshness and our high-quality products testify for themselves and as a result, our customers are happy with our product quality. Our strict quality assurance process (which are very rigorous) is held to FDA standards. Customer satisfaction is key for us.

Fast Delivery

We are

Our commitment at Z-A Specialty Foods is to work only with the best farms to provide our clients with quality products.  We are dedicated to provide and deliver the service you need in a timely manner. It’s our goal to provide our clients every day with the best possible service.   We take pride in our products and make it our top priority to ensure we deliver your items precisely on time with the exact products you requested. It is our goal to provide quality products and handle all the logistics properly so that you have peace of mind.


We are based in the Bronx, New York.  We established Z-A Specialty Foods in 2013 and have been growing fast since then. With very hard work, dedication, and set goals we bring you quality fruits and vegetables with outstanding service.  We serve our community in New York and beyond. We make our clients priority and that is the trademark of Z-A Specialty Foods mission.

The principle of Z-A Specialty Foods is based on sourcing the finest and the freshest seasonal products from around the world and from local farms in regions of the United States so that you get the best products.  We also have access to products that a rare and hard to find in the food industry.

Our mission

Our goal is to deliver the products you need.  We deliver our products with a fleet of more than twenty (20) eco-friendly hybrid trucks that allow us to deliver exactly what you need when you need it. Another advantage at Z-A Specialty Foods is that with have a “Late Orders Policy”.  This policy allows you to place the order until 11 PM EST giving our customers the advantage of ordering quantities they need for constant freshness all year round. Our goal is to continuously strive to improve and innovate our products and our services. We are committed to excellence and serving our customers and to continue to serve them with the highest standards for success.

We are flexible and provide our clients with FAST DELIVERY in New York and beyond its vicinity. We know the demands of modern times and even though we are a New York produce based business we cater to other parts of the country where our environment-friendly designed hybrid trucks can reach your doorsteps within 12 hours in delivering the organically grown greens, fruits or other conventional produce you requested.

We know and have a deep understanding that our clients must rely on accurate, timely and prompt deliveries. Our modern technological systems ensure that every order you place reaches you on time and in optimal and the best conditions possible. Our state-of-the-art warehousing systems in the Bronx process all orders with precision and accuracy. A fleet of modern, temperature-controlled delivery trucks is equipped to provide our clients with faster and more efficient deliveries. These accuracies inspire in our customer confidence and satisfaction with our business, which has been our goal since we began in 2013.

We have an extensive variety of options for you to choose from. We provide fruits and vegetables that are rich in fibers, vitamins, and minerals and have been proved to be low in fat and calories.  What makes them so versatile is that fruits and vegetables can be consumed in a number of forms. You can eat them in their fresh form, canned, juiced, pickled, or preserved into delicious jelly and prepared into diverse nutritious dishes.  We also provide organic vegetables and fruits as well. Organic foods are known for being pesticide and chemical free. They are richer in nutrient value; help sustain our environment, keep the soil rich and supports biodiversity, healthier communities, and better quality lifestyle.

Our Values

We work together as one family

We work together as one family to set and achieve common goals. Customers are not just part of our business, they are our family. We take pride in creating and sustaining lasting partnerships along the way for many years to come.

serve and meet customer needs

We make sure to serve and meet customer needs.  We are diligent and work around to the clock to maintain a level of service that exceeds expectations, and helps your businesses grow and succeed. You matter to us.

best solution For our customers

We make sure to do the right thing every day with integrity and honesty. We know that our customers are busy and we work diligently to offer them the best solutions and strive to earn their continued trust of our business partners whom we respect tremendously.

always on

We know that your businesses depend on us to supply key ingredients that you need and that is why we are there for you always on time with fast delivery. We value our role in your future success, and we take this responsibility tremendously seriously; it's our core as well. Growing lasting partnerships with associates, customers, and suppliers is our job.

nurture lasting partnerships

We nurture lasting partnerships with associates, customers, and suppliers.  We've built solid hard rock relationships based on years of trust and success and we are here to help you in any way we can.

Who do we serve?

We cater our services to a diverse group of businesses.  As produce distributors in New York, we work with a wider range of different segments in the country. We have restaurants, schools, hotels, retail shops, and hospitals that utilize our services.  We are extremely proud to be a top-rated organic food supplier and distributor to restaurants and food retail joints in and around New York delivering them with some of the finest quality raw materials available at best prices to them.   We well know and are the preferred food supplier and distributor for hotels all across the country too as they trust us to procure and deliver the best quality green harvest for their guests. We are a reputable organic food supplier and distributor for schools helping your kids get wholesome diet, the base for building a strong, healthy and hearty future for them.  Your health matters to us and we strive to provide them with the healthiest options.

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