As a wholesale produce food distributor and owner of a food service warehouse, we help you choose from our wide range of quality fruits and vegetables in a way that saves you time and money. Our main target is to help your business grow to and serve your diners, customers, students or guests. 

Our focus is to help small or large scale independent operators, to keep their costs low without ever sacrificing the quality of your food products. As one of the leading Wholesale Produce distributors in New York, NJ & CT Z-A Specialty Foods goes to extreme lengths to ensure that quality assurance programs are implemented and adhered to accordingly.

We work closely with produce growers both locally and around the world to supply restaurants, retail customers, hotels and other businesses with seasonal produce, including fresh fruits and vegetables that are kosher, non-kosher, organic and non-organic. Our company is very innovative in the industry and carefully monitor worldwide and the USA produce trends to ensure that we offer the fresh produce that our customers require for them to succeed in their business. We want you to maximize your profitability because you matter the most to us.

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What differentiates us
from other suppliers and distributors?

24/7 Emergency

Should you be caught in a sticky situation you can count on us to rescue you. We offer round-the-clock deliveries if you ever find yourself in an urgent situation. That way, you will always have someone to count on when you find yourself in a pinch. Get in touch with us, and we will work with you to find an immediate solution.

Our cut off time for last order is at 11 PM EST

Our cut off time for last
order is at 11 PM EST

We are proud to offer our clients the “Late Orders Policy”. This policy allows you to place late orders until 11 PM EST giving you the advantage of ordering quantities you need for constant freshness all year round.


Best prices in
the industry

Being in the industry for nearly two decades we've had time to build relationships with our farmers and are therefore able to offer our clients competitive prices in the industry.


Best practices
on food safety

We make use of refrigerated fleets and special refrigerated containers, adhering to very specific food safety standards. We invest in specialty equipment to keep our produce fresh and safe.


Quality you can
always trust

We are a reputable food distribution company that you can trust wholeheartedly to deliver what you need when you need it.

We give our customers the personal attention they deserve.

We give our customers the personal attention they deserve.

We help you with your budgeting issues and provide you with any advice you may need with your decision-making process.



In the hotel industry, every single detail is crucial. At Z-A Specialty Foods we attend to every single detail to help provide you with industry-leading solutions. We specialize in the culinary industry and provide hotels to find solutions for their culinary needs and hospitality management companies. Z-A Specialty Foods is a proud produce supplier of the Hilton hotels chain. We provide our services to chefs and hotel food service operators across our country. Our company sources fresh crisp fruits and delicious vegetables from around the world and from local farmer markets for optimal freshness and exotic taste. We are always seeking for new items following market trends that will stimulate both your creativity and the appetites of your customers. We have a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from in different sizes, grades, and stages of ripeness.



As a family owned company, Z-A Specialty Foods understands how important education is for our children. That is why we are committed to donating 1% from the sales back to the school that we are a partner with. Because we value education, and we believe that children are our future.



At Z-A Specialty Foods we know that one of the most vital things for a restaurant owner is having a diverse variety of delicious dishes for their menu that are cooked daily in a safe environment. Therefore, we provide our restaurants with a diverse range of fresh produce. We provide restaurants with a full selection of only the finest quality organic and conventional produce. Our team is committed to serving our retail customers with excellent quality and exceptional service—no matter how big or small their business may be. We fulfill our retailer orders quickly by shipping orders overnight with fast delivery. Our extensive buying power gives our clients the finest selection and quality at the best prices. We provide restaurants with top-notch service and ensure customers receive their items with timely deliveries in any weather condition